Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Why the Vikings Scare me?

Sean Jensen has an interesting article about Troy Williamson's eyesight in the Pioneer Press. Why would this scare me? Because as Pacifist Viking can tell you I have been trumpeting the whole I think Troy Williamson has some vision problems for awhile now, but I figured it must not be the case because you would suspect the Vikings would look into something like that and solve it. Why are we 2 years down the road and finally realizing as a club that Troy Williamson had a vision problem. It took the Houston Texans hardly anytime to figure that out with Andre Johnson and they got corrective lenses for him before he played a single NFL game and it equated to great playing.

If the Vikings are missing things like this concerning guys who are supposed to be big offensive contributors what else are they overlooking? And now the issue of character must come into play again. The Vikings amidst all the past scandals have gone in the direction of only signing and drafting "character" guys, but my question is how many solid players that could help them are they missing out on because they are reading players in a once guilty always guilty attitude.

Just one view from one singular fan.

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