Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"Wade" in the Water

Vikings.com announced the signing of our first free agent wide receiver. Bobby Wade. Entering his 5th year I am pretty much saying that he is what he is: a body that helps give depth to the wide receiver corp of the Vikings. I don't envision Bobby Wade "breaking" out in the Vikings offense, but hopefully he can do what our receivers failed to do last year which means he needs to: 1. Catch the ball, 2. Stay Healthy, and finally 3. Don't drink and drive.

Let's compare him to Troy Williamson (only entering his 3rd year so he could "and I am praying he does" finally click and emerge)

Troy's stats last year: 14 games 37 receptions 455 yards 0 tds

Wades stats last year: 16 games 33 catches 461 yards 2 tds

Forgive me but that is not that impressive to me, especially since he had ROY Vince Young throwing to him for most of the season (by that one should realize that a mobile quarterback allows more opportunity for a receiver to break coverage, etc. by buying more time).

Well that is all I got. Happy to see we signed a WR to give us depth, but still await something more. I am sure Pacifist Viking will give you his thoughts on the signing tomorrow.


  1. So Bobby Wade was about as productive as Troy Williamson. Thanks for bringing those stats to our attention. I would have thought that the Wade signing was utterly meaningless, but now I can say, "Hey, he might do more than Troy Williamson."

  2. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Hey I know him, he was ranked dead last in a fantasy football magazine I had a few years ago...