Friday, March 09, 2007

Shinders disappearing?

Evidently, Shinders (the Twin Cities chain for sports cards, comic books, and pornography, among other things) is in big trouble. Some stores are already closing.

I was just at the Maplewood Shinders yesterday afternoon (spent $1.59 total for four cards, including 25 cents for a Keith Wilkes card that appears to be his rookie card), and there were no signs of a closing. If the Maplewood Shinders closes, I'll be inconsolable. I go there about once a week, browsing the cards, spending bits of money on cards that are usually 29 to 49 cents, and picking up the free local magazines. It was wonderful that there were so many very cheap cards available.

Collectors of sports cards and memorabilia in the Twin Cities will have something to lament of Shinders goes away entirely.

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