Saturday, March 10, 2007

Eagles and Vikings (i.e. The Vikings as the red-headed step child of the Eagles)

Maybe some fans might remember the trade at the beginning of the Childress Reign between the Eagles and Vikings. You know that one where we got our now #1 WR Billy McMullen for an undrafted free agent named Hank Baskett (who was being talked up like his was going to be big stuff). Well how about we reflect on how those guys did this year. Billy McMullen didn't have much competition this year for being a part of the offense (Robinson was injured every other game, Travis Taylor never caught on like I thought he would, Troy Williamson couldn't catch a cold, and Bethel Johnson was a return not much competition). Hank Baskett was stuck behind Stallworth and Reggie Brown (althought he did get some pt when injuries struck Stallworth) and Greg Lewis was still a part of the offense. So I am going to say that Billy had a better chance at success, but to be fair we will say they had the same opportunities. Here is the stat lines for each of them (I am not saying who is who at first).

16 games 23 receptions 307 yards 13.3 yds/rec 2 tds (4.3 yd after catch)
16 games 22 receptions 464 yards 21.1 yds/rec 2 tds (8.0 yd after catch)

On first glance it looks like a pretty even straight up trade, but lets take some other things into consideration. Oh, the first line of stats is for Billy the second is for Hank. First, Billy McMullen just played his 4th year so he is what he is, but Hank just played his first year as a contributor and well has nothing but room for growth. Second, remember how Troy Williamson was supposed to be our field stretcher but cant catch the ball, well it looks like Hank could be a field stretcher with his 21.1 yds/reception and a long on the year of 89 yards. Finally, when Hanks gets almost double the yards after the catch than Billy I say we just had our heads up our butts.

So there it is the Philladelphia Eagles took advantage of their little boy Childress and somehow his fascination over Billy so that they could get a WR who quite possibly will be their #2 WR behind Reggie Brown this year (that is if Philly cannot resign Stallworth). I would much rather have this WR corp (Baskett, Williamson, Wade) then the one we have currently with Billy McMullen as our #1 WR!!!!

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