Friday, March 09, 2007

Should the Vikings draft Adrian Peterson?

The Vikings have a severe shortage of playmakers on offense. The wide receiving corp just got a major upgrade from Bobby Wade, and while it's a good signing, when Bobby Wade gives you a major updgrade at WR, you know you are in trouble at the position. The top tight end is now Visanthe Shiancoe, who may be good but currently has 35 career receptions. Tarvaris Jackson still has potential, but I don't think we should count on superb performances from him if he's the starter in 2007.

If there are any gamebreakers on offense, they play running back.
Mewelde Moore has the ability to make big plays. Chester Taylor was a grinder last season (1,216 yards and 4.0 yards per carry), but he also had a franchise record 95 yard run. A RB duo of Moore and Taylor is a functional, quality duo that you can win with. The Vikes clearly have bigger needs than RB.

That said, if Oklahoma RB Adrian Peterson slips to the Vikes at #7, I think the Vikings should take him. He's a dynamic, thunderous skill position player that the Vikings currently don't have on he roster. Running behind Steve Hutchinson and (a newly healthy) Bryant McKinnie, he could consistently make big plays for the Viking offense. It's not a current need; Taylor and Moore are solid. But Adrian Peterson might be the best long-term guy the Vikes could pick, and he would immediately become a brilliant offensive performer for a team in desperate need of brilliant offensive performers.

Perhaps I'm just a little to excited to see the Vikings select skill position talent in the draft. The defense is good and the offensive line is strong. There aren't really great skill position players out there in free agency. The Vikings need some offensive playmakers, and the draft is going to be the best (and maybe the only) place to get those.

And I think Peterson will fall to the Vikings at #7. I have trouble seeing the teams in front of the Vikes taking him.


  1. you just fear peterson will fall to #16.

  2. Personally, I'd rather take a def. end than a running back. I just think that Gaines Adams or Jamaal Anderson would fill the Vikings' need there, while Peterson would bring talent at a position where the Vikings already have it. Not to mention that Peterson has injury problems.

    I just feel like it would be a mistake not to try and address an area of need if there are players worthy of the pick available.

    And Kloss, there's no way Peterson would slip by Buffalo, if he even made it that far.

  3. I just feel a lot more comfortable with Moore and Taylor as our top two RB's, than Troy and Wade as our top two WR's. Since there's not much on the WR FA front, Id say stick with Jarrett @ 7, if they cant trade up or down.

  4. Jarrett will not be taken before the late first-round and the Vikings would solidify their idiocy if they took him at #7 (don't get me wrong I love Jarrett and really want him to be a Viking, but they could trade up into the late 1st round or possibly get him in the 2nd round). Chester Taylor is what his in my opinion and Mewelde Moore is a great 3rd down RB, but Adrian Peterson is "that guy" you know the one in the mold of a franchise running back that a team can build their offense around and force teams to always account for where he is on the field. If Peterson is there they either need to draft him or field trade offers and possibly move down while adding veteren help or extra picks.

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