Monday, March 05, 2007

Snow leads to three day weekend leads to Monday full of links


Britt Robson does his T-Wolves blog at The Rake now.

Jim Buzinksi at Outsports has an interesting take on locker room mentality.

You already knew how great Kevin McHale is, right?

Pro Football Talk has a quick link to check 2007 free agent movement (which is nice if you've been snowed in for three days and barely have any idea what's going on outside of student papers and exams, a baby, and DVDs of The Sopranos).

And Other Things

If you don't read Marmaduke Explained yet, you're missing out.

Paradise Lost is one of my favorite works of literature. At the NY Times, Michael Joseph Gross explores the struggles to get a film adaptation of Milton's masterpiece. The article convinces me beyond a doubt that some producers will completely botch this. Quotes like "“if you get past the Milton of it all, and think about the greatest war that’s ever been fought, the story itself is pretty compelling,” “It’s a 400-some-odd-page poem written in Old English... How do you find the movie in that?” “it’s a war movie at the end of the day,” and "Scorsese makes you feel the rush of being in the Mafia ... Milton was after something like that, and that’s what we’re trying to convey” do not exactly inspire the confidence of this English teacher and Milton adorer.

I sort of liked this Kissing Suzy Kolber piece on murdering TV characters.

That sounds exactly like something Harold Bloom would say and academics would analyze.

Christina Weil has a NY Times op-ed on eating horses.

A Washington Post review that examines what happened to the Epic of Gilgamesh
(via Arts & Letters Daily).

Robin Marantz Henig explores God and evolution (via Arts & Letters Daily).

Slate has a good discussion on W.H. Auden (via 3quarksdaily).

A two-time guest on The Simpsons is going on some adventures (via 3quarksdaily).

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