Thursday, March 22, 2007

Links: the David Carr Edition

Brad Childress was on KFAN this morning disparaging David Carr: bad placement on delivery, can't make all the throws, too many issues that need fixing. But that won't stop our enthusiasm. Here is some of the David Carr discussion from arround the web.

JJ Cooper at AOL Fanhouse thinks the Vikes should now go get Carr cheaply. Tbird41 of The Ragnarok and Gonzo at The Daily Norseman also think the Vikes should aquire Carr.

Anthony at the Vikings War Cry doesn't think the Vikes should acquire Carr: he doesn't want the team to be giving up on Tarvaris Jackson. I've said it before: there's no reason a team shouldn't have more than one 20-something QB capable of starting, and Jackson is no sure thing. Acquiring Carr does not mean giving up on Jackson; it means having choices.

Signal to Noise thinks Carr has been screwed over by the Texans. At least he made tens of millions in the process. But yes, we're still captaining the David Carr tugboat.

And Cold, Hard Football Facts looks at some of David Carr's issues.


  1. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Hey, if Tbird41 of The Ragnarok and Gonzo at The Daily Norseman support this move, it becomes instantly credible in my book. How can you not put your faith in some internet geek with a number at the end of his "name"? And, of course, the opinion of America's favorite muppet should always be respected. I wonder how Kermit feels about this move?

  2. is that brad childress the head coach or some other brad childress? because it seems strange the head coach of a team would criticize a player like that. even more strange that viking fans still stick up for someone their coach has said so openly can't play.