Monday, March 05, 2007

Brady Quinn and the Vikings

IF the Vikings believe Brady Quinn is a franchise quarterback, and he is available at pick #7, the Vikings must select him. We may have high hopes for Tarvaris Jackson, but we certainly can't assume at this point he'll be a franchise QB, and neither can the Vikings. At best, it's a 50/50 proposition. At best. So if the Vikings see in Brady Quinn a franchise quarterback, they would be foolish not to draft him. Tarvaris is all about potential; the Vikings have nobody on their roster that currently resembles a great NFL QB.

Is Brady Quinn a franchise QB? That's the question. If the Vikings are unsure, they MUST NOT select him at #7. They can't take him there because they are surprised he's there and think he's got the best value at the pick; they can only take him if they truly believe he can be their franchise QB.

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I'm still waving the David Carr pom poms, and if the Vikes do nothing at the position, I'll keep my hopes on the pontential of Tarvaris Jackson. But I wouldn't mind Brady Quinn in purple.

(The Pioneer Press on Childress watching Quinn, via Kansas Viking)


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    Damn. That was Forbes list of Sports best GM's. Number one? Kevin McHale, of course.

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  3. You have to trade the 3rd round pick to get David Carr. We have too much money left in FA and no FA to spend it on. The 5.5 million would help with the money that you have to spend, and you would get a young NFL vet with alot of upside yet. Then you take the #7 pick and draft either Laron Landrey (my personal favorite) or you have to go get the WR Ginn jr. With the money being thrown around at all the mediocre talent out there this year, I'm afraid this is all you can hope for.

  4. When you have a qb that is young and you aren't sure if he will be your franchise qb, you are really in a tough situation. Do you spent a high pick on a qb? Especially if you have other holes?