Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Crappola and Links


Did you know that Dr. Z is on sabbatical from SI and is only doing work for the website, like his mailbag? He's mentioned that he's on sabbatical to write his memoirs. I haven't bought a hardcover book on the day it came out since Stephen King put out the last three books of the Dark Tower saga (by the way, Marvel is doing a comic series on the Gunslinger. The Maplewood Shinders I frequent is always sold out when I show up, so I end up just taking the free magazines). But I would pay for Dr. Z's memoir when it comes out.

Via Outsports, The Smoking Gun has FCC complaints about the Super Bowl. There is nothing like the high comedy of FCC complaints. You start to think they have to be made up, that nobody could seriously write that. And then you think of all the crazies you've seen and met in your life, and then you think of P.T. Barnum's witticism that "You’ll never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public," and you realize the people are probably being serious.

WBRS Sports Blog reports on Steve Nash's bowel movements. I always wonder when players go to the bathroom before and during games. They have to drink plenty of fluids, and in my experience playing sports, once you get active you're sweating and don't need to go (or at the very least it never crosses your mind). But do pro athletes worry about going right before the game, or during halftime, or whatever? I knew a cross country runner who was getting his fluids up before a meet, then had to go and pulled it out and went while running.

The Ragnorak has an optimistic take on the Bobby Wade signing. It might just be a smart movie: pay a reasonable amount for a WR like Wade that nobody is excited about rather than overpay in a weak free agent year for a WR that people are senselessly excited about.

Other Things

People, I can't emphasize this enough: the guy that plays Harry Potter is starring in "Equus."


  1. Hey I knew a cross country runner that did that too....I wonder if it is coincidence.

  2. Anonymous10:14 PM

    BUY a book? Full price?

  3. well, Bill Russell used to puke before games. I don't know how he ingested his food though. I guess that's an alternate way of solving the problem.

  4. Wistrom is an old man for the league minimum I would sign him.