Monday, September 17, 2007

Viking Laments

Gosh, this is all so silly. After a Viking win I listen to sports talk radio on the drive in to work, and after a Viking loss I listen to MPR. On the whole that's healthier, but why should a kick moving a few inches left or right lead to changes in my behavior the following day? Is this any way to live?

JJ Cooper says that "Vikings Defense Should Sue For Divorce." It's hard to believe that it was 2004 when I was ranting about how the Vikings had great offense but would never do anything because the defense was just so atrocious, and the Vikes needed to do anything to upgrade the defense, even if it meant focusing less on the offense. And now it's all completely the opposite, and we're supposed to feel bad for the defense. If the 1998-2004 offense played with the 2006-2007 defense, the Vikings might go 19-0. And if the floor could talk it would probaby complain about getting stepped on.

Both Sean Jensen and Mark Craig talk about how the Vikings should have used Adrian Peterson on 3rd down more often yesterday.

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