Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday Night Blizzard: Brett Favre is still chasing Jim Marshall

A day away until another visit to Thunderdome. A day away until more Viking Agonistes (goodness, could I be any more pretentious right now). The last three Viking victories over the Packers (all in calendar year 2005: the playoff win at Lambeau, the Edinger 56 yard field goal game at the Metrodome, and the Monday night win at Lambeau) each gave me feelings of euphoric joy that carried me for days. I don't want to have to wait longer for that feeling again; I want to have that feeling tomorrow.

Patrick Reusse talks to Chuck Foreman, who is getting inducted into the Viking Ring of Honor tomorrow.

Len Pasquarelli talks about his personal relationship to Marino and Favre. At Epic Carnival, Shorty says Dan Marino is still better than Brett Favre. Well, in the most objective thing I ever have or ever will write about Brett Favre, I find them to be pretty even.

Don Seeholzer says "Kelly Holcomb and Chester Taylor hope to get Minnesota Vikings' offense untracked this week." I don't really know what "untracked" means, and I don't think Seeholzer does either (although he probably didn't write the headline anyway). I mean, I know what it means, I just don't know what it means, if you know what I mean. Evidently a commenter at that article is annoyed too. For more on "untracked," see Language Log.

Bob Sansevere (via Fanhouse) writes about how nobody knows for certain if Jim Marshall started 270 consecutive games, or between 271 and 282 consecutive games (though some think it's 270). But it was at least 270, and that's more than Favre. Remember this, people. At least let Viking fans have this. I'm also pretty sure Bob Sansevere once offered me some promotional keychains at some sort of radio event. Can that be true? Can I have dreamt that?

JJ Cooper writes about Chester Taylor starting for the Vikes tomorrow (a little nugget from the above linked Seeholzer article), and Adrian Peterson coming off the bench. This weekend Holy Hitter and I discussed how Chester Taylor's return really does help AP (I won't call him AD. I won't). In the Kansas City game, Peterson was very sharp in the first half, but seemed worn down in the second half. If the Vikes can mix up the carries, Peterson can stay fresh and effective the entire game.


  1. Amazing that Marshalls starts cannot be fully regonized.Would think going back to film would be place to look.

  2. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Oh dear God, pick with 1:06 to go after getting a huge turnover inside Green Bay territory. I feel for you guys.