Friday, September 07, 2007

National Friday League, week 1

Doritos has revolutionized the chip: they've got bags with two different flavored chips in there!
With the return of the football season (and the new semester contributes, I'm sure, all bad habits return. Somehow football drives me to huge doses of caffeine, sugar, and fat. When I watch the Vikings on TV, I just need a constant influx of caffeine and sugar to mellow myself out (which makes no sense of course and I'm sure that only bugs me out more--luckily I'll be at the home games where I'm unlikely to spend money on pricey Metrodome snacks). Any healthy life choices begun in the summer are now wistfully remembered as I sit on the couch wiping my greasy fingers on the front of my shirt, muttering "This is my life?"

Here's what I like.
Of Sunday's games, here are some intriguing matchups:

Titans v. Jaguars
Vince Young is going to be running around out there throwing passes to himself, yet I believe he is some sort of mythical creature destined to carry his team to victories. We find out if year two of the Maurice Jones-Drew experience is as electrifying as year one.

Broncos v. Bills
There are a lot of young skill position players in this game (Cutler, Walker, Losman, Lynch, Evans), and Denver has lost on the road week one the past two seasons.

Panthers v. Rams
Steve Smith is going against the St. Louis defense--it should be a good show.

Eagles v. Packers
I can never relax during a football season for as long as it is possible that the Packers could do something; I would like to see Philadelphia go into Lambeau and firmly declare that they won't.

He's always right; it's everybody else who's wrong.
I'm sort of glad not to have HBO right now; the greatest comic mind in world history Larry David returns with the sixth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm this Sunday, and I don't want to be conflicted over whether to watch my hero or football. Instead I wait a year for the DVD and just enjoy football.

Here's what I want to see from the Vikings on Sunday:

Multiple forced turnovers, including defensive touchdowns or setting up good field position

The beginning of the Adrian Peterson era, with long runs and touchdowns

Tarvaris Jackson making good, quick decisions in the pocket and having time to make them

Troy Williamson catching passes

The defense completely shutting down Atlanta's attempt at a running game, forcing Joey Harrington to beat them, leading to inevitable interceptions.

Football achieves self-actualization now.
Enjoy the weekend, everybody. Except Packer, Bear, and Falcon fans.


  1. Anonymous3:25 PM

    i have a hard time believing the falcons will win but they'll probably be hyped to 'prove the world wrong.' i actually hope the vikings win just so you don't get clips of joey harrington saying 'no one gave us a chance well we shocked the world! we shock the world baby!' champagne spraying. chris berman labeling them the comeback kids. christ. how horrible.


  2. You never said what ya was going to do with the Bambino bring to game or babysit.
    Believe it or not I think T.J. and the Vikes will do rather well.We all got used to Tice and his desire to show all tell all during preseason and during the season.
    There was a few crisp plays during the Preseason which showed training and fore-thought.Gone are the days of Meathead, scalping,boat parties.
    Enter a new Era of a coach who has managed to turn a team to his favor in 1 short year.He has the team beliveing in his system and in the Staff.
    To tell truth I think we are on the verge of a Dynasty Era where we take the NFC north for the next 10 years.I see us going 11-5 with a loss in first round of play-offs if T.J. cant settle down.All the way if he does and the team Gels the way I think they will.The Vikes of 07 are going to surprise everyone but me.Chilly will get his due as a Coach and we the fans will enjoy the rewards.

  3. For the first game I'm going with my dad (my wife wants to stay home with the baby after the first week of teaching). We've had offers from friends/family to babysit for the games we don't want to risk leaving early (GB, Philly). From there we'll scout whether it would work to take him.