Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Since TV shows I like usually get canceled, I may as well use what little platform I have to shill (unpaid, of course, though if any network wants me to pay me to shill, I'll do it) for these TV shows.

First, the sports hook that allows me to write about this here:

In Journeyman, Dan's first "trip" back through time takes him to 1999. He walks into a San Francisco bar to find everybody celebrating and cheering: on the TV 49er WR Terrell Owens is walking off the field. Dan asks what happened, and is told Owens just won the game with a great catch (presumably, this is the playoff game between the 49ers and Packers after the 1998 season, when Owens caught the game-winning TD from Steve Young). Incredulous, Dan says "That game was 8 years ago!"

There are a few other sports references: he meets his wife at a bar and talks about the horse race on TV (the first of two suggestions he once had a gambling problem), and his "trip" to 1987 features people on TV talking about the NFL strike.

There, I've justified this post. Now...

You should watch Journeyman. It's like Quantum Leap but with more unanswered questions and mystery, and more focus on the main character's life and history. And come on! It's starring Lucius Vorenus from Rome! It's on NBC, on Mondays at 9:00 central, and if you missed the pilot, evidently it's playing again on the Sci Fi Channel. It's a good show, engaging on several levels.

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  1. Anonymous11:32 AM

    I watched it, too, but it almost lost me in the first 15 minutes. It came on very fast paced and had so much going on that there wasn't ANY character development. It got better when the plot got involved and there were some good twists in there, but I still don't feel that any of these characters are original at all. I'll give it another two episodes before I give it an official yay or nay.