Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fortifying the barricades

Signal to Noise implores sportswriters not to lazily apply "-gate" to the Belichick spying scandal.

Aaron Gleeman gives a hearty ripping to Jim Souhan for the poor quality of his columns (via Ballhype).


  1. Anonymous9:10 AM

    i was reading somewhere where an ex pats employee made the explicit connection between BB and Nixon. Maybe it was Pete King's article. Anyhow it seems that if not for 30 years of overusing 'gate' this would be an appropriate and clever time to bust it out. i don't know what it'd be... patriots gate? ? spying gate? nothing good comes to mind.


  2. We should go back to comparing corruption among powerful people to Shakespearian villians (because after all, the corruption of power is among the most Shakespearian themes). I'd say Belichick is Claudius: deceptive schemes to maintain his power, deep paranoia ("We'll poison the sword AND the wine!"), disdain of those beneath him (compare the relationship of Belichick-Mangini to Claudius-Hamlet: Claudius won't let Hamlet return to school, Belichick didn't seem to want Mangini to go to the Jets; Hamlet mocked and ridiculed Claudius constantly, it is Mangini who finally takes Belichick down for the spying). Crap, this probably deserves it's own post.