Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Tomorrow will be a good day (blizzard)

Matthew Berry responds to my post about intended audience. For the record, I never claimed Berry "purposely" excluded anybody (as I wrote, "Hey, I don't mean to pick on Matthew Berry. I'm sure Berry's intent is not to exclude gay men or straight women from reading his article"); the article just illustrated an issue about subconscious assumptions of sports audience that I wished to explore. Thanks to Berry for the link and good-natured response.

USA Today features rookie Viking WR Sidney Rice (there's a picture of Rice taped on my wall next to Einstein, and interestingly, they have pretty much the same hair).

The Star Tribune says the Vikes still have a lot of tickets to sell, and "might need corporate intervention." Blackouts are a funny thing: the threat is that if people don't buy tickets, the game might not be televised, but if you buy tickets, you no longer care as much whether it is televised. Just remember, I'm doing my part to help other local Viking fans get to watch the game on TV. And though I don't go to the Metrodome on 35-W, I'll be leaving early to deal with potential traffic, as Access Vikings points out that 35-W won't be able to reach the Dome this weekend. Thought I ought to pass that along to others going to the game as well.

Vikings Now suggests there are signs the Vikes have improved their personnel.

The Ragnarok looks at the Falcon offense in preparation for Sunday's opener. Grant's Tomb notes that Joey Harrington coming to the Metrodome is like Santa Claus. The Vikings have to win this game. talks about regression to the mean.

Football Outsiders has 2007 DVOA projections.

Defying any reason, Josh McCown has been a bit of a favorite at this blog; I kept wondering why he didn't get any playing time in Detroit last season. Fanhouse notes that he's supposed the be starting for the Raiders this week--against Detroit. Yay.

The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes
talks about the challenges of being a fantasy football commissioner. is doing a five-part season preview.

Yippee! Somebody finally picked the Vikings to win the NFC North! Oh. It's just CHFF's Bonzo the idiot monkey. I guess we'll return to seeing just about everybody pick them to finish fourth.

Footballguys reminds you to play your studs in fantasy football (by the way, does it annoy anybody that when I use a website with a plural title as a subject--like Footballguys or Football Outsiders or Ghosts of Wayne Fontes--I treat it as a singular subject in the verb conjugation? It slightly annoys me, but I do it anyway).

Insomniac's Lounge covers the past weekend's college football action.

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