Sunday, September 23, 2007

Doom and Despair?

Quick and initial thoughts on the game:

(1) We should have won that game. Period. Shiancoe caught that touchdown and the replay was clear on that.
(2) Holcomb showed signs of life, but I am not convinced after one game. I am not convinced the Vikings will ever have a passing game. They keep missing the long passes when they are open. Holcomb looked comfortable in the pocket. I reserve judgment until after the Packers game.
(3) The Vikings D looked good, but again struggled against the pass. Especially Cedric Griffin needs to improve, he was involved in 10 pts for KC. The first was the big 3rd and long play where he failed to wrap up Sammie Parker. You have to wrap up the WR when your team is blitzing because help is not right behind you. Dwayne Bowe had an amazing catch against him also for the TD, but I am starting to wonder if McCauley might be a better option.
(4) Adrian Peterson is the Vikings offense. Please Chester Taylor get healthy. If our offense is going to 100% depend on the run well then we need you to keep Peterson fresh because he is amazing.
(5) Sidney Rice is going to develop into a great WR, the offense needs to find a way to get him the ball because he has the best hands.
(6) Things don't look good. Any team that has a passing game might kill us.

Well those are just initial thoughts and not very well thought out.

This much I do know. Pacifist Viking is having a crappy weekend. First he had to watch the Vikings lose, and then he had to realize that Brett Favre is more than likely going to break Marino's TD Record (Marino was PV's favorite all-time QB) right before his eyes. If the Vikings don't win next weekend, I would not want to be around PV.

Watch tomorrow for PV's thoughts on today's action (due to his modem blowing out in a Thunderstorm on Wednesday/Thursday).


  1. Might have to get on the Fire childress wagon.Griffen needs to go every game he costs us by mistackles and jumping late on the ball.He was a half second to fast on Bowe play.
    We have no offense,we have no Q.B. we have no recievers,we have no coach.

  2. What did Childress do wrong?

  3. Childress has a terrible blocking scheme and he DIDN'T GET A QB FOR THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous7:08 PM

    We're the 2nd worst team in the NFL other than Atlanta.

    I'm looking at the schedule and seeing 3 wins. If we do end up with 3 or less, Childress must be fired.

    Where are you when we need you, FIRE CHILDRESS!!! guy?

  5. Anonymous7:12 PM

    The main issue I see is that the Vikes D can still be exploited by the pass and our offense lacks a passing game. I can understand some fans frustration with Childress because these were the main two problems last year also, so it looks like not much has changed in terms of our weaknesses.

    I am not ready to jump on any Fire Childress bandwagon, I am willing to let this year play out. However, if we do not improve on our spectacular 6-10 record from last year then something is definetely wrong in terms of coaching (and most of that falls on the offense and Childress).

    However, it appears their draft was very good this year and for that I would be willing to let him stay. I am excited to see what the Vikes could do with Chester Taylor back.

  6. Anonymous7:15 PM

    I refuse to let FIRE CHILDRESS NOW!!!! guy bring us down. Perservere folks, persevere....don't let despair take us down.

    #1 Priority in the off-season: Sign LARRY FITZGERALD! (He will be a free agent)

    #2 Priority in the off-season: Find a QB (Veteran) and draft a franchise QB with our first pick.

  7. Off-season!? Come on man, it's week 3!

  8. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Anyone still doubt Zygi is trying to suck enough to get to LA? The coaches who told us T.J. was the answer so we didn't need Garcia were not delusional, they were just lying. Holcomb has been washed up for years, ask any Buffalo fan. Obviously we traded for him in order to head off calls for a veteran once the fans saw tavaris and/or bollinger in action. And for the gent who said zygi must be staying because he bought land around the metrodome, look at what's going on in Minneapolis. The twins are moving out to a new stadium, likewise the gophers. Once the vikes leave the metrodome will come down, replaced by shiny new office buildings that make money 365 days a year, not just 8 sundays. The only question is if childress is in on it.

  9. Anonymous10:12 PM

    Childress has a "kick ass offense" he better start running it. I think he is a coach brought in to clean things us, which he has. He also has to coach the team to win. Not a good offensive scheme and it does not seem to matter who is QB. To throw three yard passes with 30 seconds to go is nuts.
    I also agree, no receivers will bring chills to many defenses. PV you say our defense is so strong yet teams can pass all over us. Defense is not just run defense. Is it possible our run defense is good cuz teams do not have to run on us? I do agree with J-rod, it is only week three, but it may have been a great decision to buy tickets. Only way yt see home games after next week.

  10. Anonymous11:13 PM


    If you are referring (about comments on the D) to this post, it was not written by PV (it was written by me, Holy Hitter).

    No the Run D is not good because teams just pass on us. The Run D is so good that teams have to go to the pass. The whole first half the Chiefs tried to establish the run, but they couldn't. The Vikings combo of Williams (Kevin and Pat) makes their Run D amazing. Look at what LJ did today against them: 24 carries for 42 yds (1.8 per carry) teams haven't "not" tried to run on us as the carries point to. The run D is just so good.

    Still look at the defense, they have allowed point totals of 3, 20, and 13...that is 12 pts/gm. That is a good defense, however, they are vunerable to the pass and unless they get key turnovers (which they have so far this season) then it doesnt become a problem, but if they dont get those turnovers it could spell trouble.

  11. Fire Childress yesterday...

    The game last week and today was completely lacking of any kind of offense.
    We all know next week is against the Pack and playing the way we are is not going to notch the W side.
    Someone posted that there might be 3 wins this year.Not with the way we are playing.With a min seven left in game we are throwing the ball in the middle of the field for 5 yards.
    Nothing has changed except its 2007 and we might be as bad as 1-15 this year.
    This is going to be a long year for the Purple.

  12. Anonymous1:03 AM

    Such pessimism and doubt. C'mon fans, have at least a little faith. There is no way this team is a 1-15 team, 3-13 possible, 6-10 likely, 8-8 hopefully.

  13. Name the seven teams that the Vikes will beat to achieve a 8-8 record.
    Because I go thru the list and all the remaining teams left to play can score 20 or more per game.Plus I think 49ers and oakland is going to hand our heads to us.There goes the 3-13 theorey.

  14. Anonymous3:07 AM

    I'm going to the Oakland game. lower level 50 yard line, row 9.

    I picked OAK because I thought it would be a guaranteed win.. now it looks like it's just going to be a humiliating loss.

    Looking at the schedule the only games we have a chance in is Oakland and NYG. Oh well, more family time this year.