Thursday, August 09, 2007

Blizzard: bloggenshault

If you think this blog has sucked lately, keep a couple things in mind:

I haven't watched a sporting event in about two months.
I don't follow baseball. The only thing pro golf means to me is that TNT might not be showing Law & Order in the afternoon. But things will pick up: I might watch the Viking preseason games (though I utterly detest preseason, a little gin can make it watchable). And soon real football will start and there will be lots to say.

The Hazelweird Fantasy Draft is next Friday.
I spend much of the day obsessed over paranoid fantasies about all the bad things that could happen to me. With obsessive-compulsive tendencies and a lot of free time, I can imagine all sorts of ways all sorts of mysterious entities could screw me. So there's no way I'm going to give away vital fantasy football information when I know people are trying to screw me. I've buried at least two good blog topics because they revealed too much about my fantasy football strategies (and I've avoided a lot of interesting links for the same reason). Right now you might be saying, "You're a moron, PV. You wrote fantasy previews for every team, and created a separate section in a visible place for people to access them. You are an ignorant fool." But all my fantasy previews were written to be interesting and insightful, but not to give away anything too specific to my plans (I can write about viable fantasy starters without revealing who I want to be my fantasy starters). So while I live as an obsessive paranoid wreck...well, that's most of the time...While I'm specifically paranoid about the upcoming fantasy draft, this blog suffers.

But here are just a few links you can follow to read things more interesting than this sucky blog.

Adrian Peterson is getting ready for his first pro preseason game: read about it at the Pioneer Press and Viking Update.

Also at the Pioneer Press you can read about how Tarvaris Jackson is approaching the preseason.


  1. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Here is what I have reasoned out: There are 5 starters that I feel I need that I won't be able to get for 1 dollar and won't be able to pick up in free angency. The QB, the WRs and the RBs. If we have 265 and 17 roster spots, then subtracting the 5 positions critical to scoring leaves me with 12 positions. 265 - 12 = 253. 253/5 leaves me with around 50 bucks to spend on each of those positions. If one of my guys goes over 100, then I'll have to take it out of the other starters money and end up with a putz of somekind in a critical starter role.

  2. Anonymous10:41 AM

    That strategy only works if you hit on every. single. one. of your picks. Last year, I thought LaMont Jordan was going to be a top 10 fantasy back. That's one reason I'm not the three time champ, just the only back-to-back champ. That and LaDanian Tomlinson.


  3. Anonymous12:39 PM

    nice reasoning Anon #1, to bad we only have 16 roster spots. so you actually have 254/5 almost $51 per player.

    2003 Champ

  4. Anonymous1:06 PM

    I never understood why people thought Lamont Jordan was going to be a viable option. I provide the following evidence: 1) It's the Raiders and 2) it's Lamont Jordan. Officially the "M" in his name isn't capitolized on account of he sucks and doesn't deserve it.

    Side note --> Lamont or "La Mont" in french (and possibly in spanish, too) means "the Mont." Wikipedia tells me that the Mont was a fictional hero of the Basque area of France/Spain that came to lead the rebellion and gain independence. He gave firey speeches and told tales of bravery, but ultimately couldn't lead men or stratagize at all, and his forces were whiped out and he captured in a rebellion in 1822.

    Who knew? Moma Jordan, that's who.

    Anon #1

  5. Lamont Jordan? He struggled behind a bad line last year, but I think they're improved, and I expect big things from him in '07.

    Tomlinson, of course, will flourish under new coach Norv Turner. He'll be better than last year.

  6. Anonymous1:48 PM

    And it continues... Nice work PV. I'm sure the subterfuge worked.

    2007 Artose Pinner update - Vikings all time single season leading rusher. Taylor and Peterson go down with minor injuries (Peterson will catch a slight but unshakable case of death) and Pinner will respond with a 1,900 yard, 19 td season. This is the year!