Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Being a homer in fantasy football

In my fantasy draft, I selected Adrian Peterson, Chester Taylor, Tarvaris Jackson, and the Viking defense. I tried to draft Troy Williamson, but it was late in the draft and I could only afford a dollar player, and J-Rod took the bid to two dollars.

As it happens, these picks won't hurt me (The RBs are a solid and affordable duo, the Viking defense is a solid start, and Tarvaris Jackson cost me only a dollar for a sentimental smile). But homer picks have hurt me in the past. In an auction I once got bid up to 121 dollars (out of 265) on Randy Moss, and I took Daunte Culpepper 2nd overall before his ill-fated 2005 season.

But it's painful to be cheering for your favorite team's touchdown, and then realize that touchdown helped a fantasy competitor. I don't like it. Psychologically it can be wrenching to hope your team scores but to hope it's not that guy. Of course my rooting interest in the Vikings always wins out over my rooting interest in my fantasy team, but I prefer to avoid the situation entirely by simply drafting the relevant Viking players.

I'm bringing this up to ask two questions:

1. What do you do to balance any tension or conflict of interest between your favorite real team and your fantasy team?

2. Does anybody have any homer stories to share?


  1. I always just draft the best possible players I can.Then I just keep my passion for the Vikes on the back burner when in fantasy sports or even in gambling.I never use the Vikes in picks as my heart always leads before the brain.

  2. I never have to worry about Vikings players because a certain someone always is usually willing to go higher on them, and when they are all on one team (yours) and now usually not starting (except the Minnesota D and Peterson now probably) it doesn't really bother.

    I think I was actually bothered as a fan when I had Daunte Culpepper in his good days because when they got to the 2 yd line I always wanted a QB sneak and when they didn't do that I was a little sad.

  3. i'm considered a homer because i always draft a couple packers but there's a difference between me drafting ahman green and brett favre and javon walker some years and my viking counter part drafting onterrio smith and jermaine wiggins and brad johnson. i get my packers dirt cheap and they get their vikings at ceiling prices. rubes.


  4. Anonymous11:02 AM

    All right, Ass, when I drafted the Steal of the Draft, Onterrio Smith, I was confused, drunk, and brand new at not only Fantasy Football, but football itself. I dare you to count how many Vikings I've had on my team since that time. Burleson in 2004 and Tubby Wiggens in the same year. Not a bad year to have two Vikes on your squad.

    The Cheeb

  5. Anonymous2:29 PM

    I usually draft the Vikes when I can, but not over a higher ranked player. If there's a "tie" on who I think is better I'll take the Viking.

    Last year I had Longwell and the Vikes D, as well as Taylor.

    Every year no matter what I take the D because it's pretty tough to tell which team will be dominant there, and I honestly had Taylor ranked higher than most mags did.

  6. Anonymous2:38 PM

    As far as the homer stories, I drafted Daunte the year after his 40td outburst as the 2nd QB overall, and my 300.00 authentic #11 jersey arrived 2 days before the season started.

    So yeah, I have a pep jersey for sale cheap if anyone needs one.

  7. Anonymous3:18 PM

    i didn't buy a greg jennings jersey this year because i believe everytime i buy a packers wr jersey i jinx that player-- from robert brooks to javon walker this strange jinx plays out time and again.


  8. I paid $2 for Troy Williamson once.

  9. Anonymous6:16 PM

    I always purchase "psychological insurance" by drafting against my real-football rooting interest whenever I'm trying to decide between two players of equal value.

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