Monday, August 27, 2007

Todd Lowber: We Hardly Knew Ye!

It is a sad day, the greatest darkhorse to make the roster since Brock Lesnar has been cut. Yes fans let us all join in a collective sigh because Todd Lowber has been cut. What does this mean for our darkhorse? Well it will either be the practice squad, finding another team, or returning to his regular life of trying to find a job like many other college graduates. My sincere hope is that Lowber still wears the Purple and Gold just on the practice squad for now (who knows Tyler Thigpen is probably headed there now with Holcomb on the roster and maybe they could develop some chemistry).


  1. I was hoping to see what Lowber could do... hopefully he makes the practice squad and can have a year to develop and try to get more football experience.

  2. He is supposed to have spot on Practice evidently they see something.