Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"Good"ell: Maybe not So Good for the NFL

One has to question if "Good"ell is going to far. At what point will people realize that it cannot be good that one man arbitrarily decides who gets suspended? PFT brings up a good point. Why is it that the NFL (i.e. "Good"ell) suspends Rucker for an incident that happened before he was even drafted, while as PFT mentions Joey Porter isn't suspended for cold-cocking Levi Jones in Vegas. I am sorry, but this "extreme" application of the personal conduct policy might have the opposite effect, making questionable characters "off the field" turn into sympathetic characters.


  1. Anonymous7:53 PM

    No one knows whether Goodell has gone too far unless one is privy to all that has transpired between Rucker and the league office. Maybe he has, and maybe he hasn't. I highly suspect that there is more to this suspension than an incident that occurred before Rucker became a NFL player.

  2. I believe the reason Goodell has suspended Rucker is because he has pleaded guilty while being an NFL player not for the crime being committed before entering.Everyone is innocent until proven guilty once admitting to a crime that blanket is lifted.
    If remember right Joey got fined pretty good for leading with mouth and fist against another NFL player albeit in a public place.
    Rucker was charged in 2006 and could have been an NFL player at that time.But believe the crux of the matter is when he plead.
    The false imprisonment leads me to believe a female was the prisoner plus the fact the charges was delayed.Also just read this is a plea deal dropping a charge of Spousal abuse.The 22k Rucker is going to lose falls way short of what Porter paid in fines.
    But the beating upon women and holding them hostage is a far worse act then Vick committed against dogs.
    Rucker got off way too easy.

  3. Anonymous11:23 PM

    speedlod, I know about the technicalities of him "pleading" just now, but cmon the event was over 2 years ago before he was even in the NFL.

    Now don't get me wrong, I am not saying that Rucker is a good guy and doesn't deserve punishment, but that is what the penal system is for and as part of his plea he is on probation. The NFL however took broader steps and suspends him for conduct that happened before he was an NFL player.

  4. Agreed that it was before being in the NFL and that it dropped him to a 6th pick. I think Goodell is trying to send the message that if your going to do Skulldrugdery and You admit to it while in the NFL You will pay the price.
    If you sit down and think about it a Very smart move by Goodell more so if it wins the Appeal which I believe it will.
    First Goodell will send a message to College kids that you can be held accountable. Second this is going to get free media press out the wazoo.Every Coach across the Nation is going to use this with his kids.Means a chance that future NFL players are going thinking twice about what their actions are before doing them.
    Other thing H.H. did the victim get closeure in this or did she have to wait 2 years for it.Sometimes prolonging accountability has a heavey price.If Rucker would have owned up to his actions 2 years ago it would have been a thing of the past.
    I think Goodell is striving for accountability something this Nation has forgotten.Something we should be teaching our children while raising but forgetting to do so getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of life.
    But the real nice thing is most of the punishments have been pretty fair.Just 1 game for Rucker not too outlandish yet a nice subtle warning that this wont be tolerated.
    Just in the last 2 years everyone was calling for actions againts the players that do wrong.Well they got it and with a vengence.Sometimes when you call for rain you get thunder and lightening.Just my prospective view everyone sees things from a differant pov but I like to see all sides.

  5. If any case or cases I would think is unfair 1)Vicks 2)Pacmans.
    Vicks because he has already admitted guilt he deserves to know how long his suspension should be.It shouldnt be a lifetime ban and it should start from the time Vick couldnt report to camp. I think that if Vick gets a 2 year suspension then thats all the Falcons should be able to go after. The amount they would pay him those 2 years.After whatever the courts deem punishment and his suspension from the NFL. Vick should be allowed to return with a clean slate.
    Pacman should have recieved a 2 year suspension. His actions caused a man to be paralyzed waist down for life.And yes it was his actions even though he might not have pulled the trigger.You take Pacman out of the equation that nite and that man wakes up the next morning and walks to work.Once again just my POV.