Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mostly Viking Blizzard

Kevin Seifert writes about the Vikings' attempt to improve the red zone offense, and he writes about their signing of DT Fred Evans (it really doesn't matter to me terribly that Evans was arrested earlier this summer, or before that. Michael Irvin's recent Hall of Fame speech ought to show us that a man's mistakes neither define him nor put him beyond redemption; when a player is arrested--even more than once--we ought not label him a "turd" and thus untouchable to the higher castes of NFL society. Evans' mistakes need need not define him, and if it is redemption he needs, then he should have the chance to work it out).

Sean Jensen writes about Antoine Winfield's goals for the season.

Mike Wobschall at features the team's defensive line.

The Viking Age comments on the Vikings' Madden '08 ratings (having played the game, I hope Tarvaris Jackson is better than pixel Tarvaris Jackson).

Signal to Noise has an NFC North preview.

Cold, Hard Football Facts has a really amusing article on fantasy projections that don't add up. I've been deliberately not linking to anything having to do with fantasy football or particular player projections: the Hazelweird draft is Friday, and the Hazelweird festivities begin today (!). But this article is just fun.

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