Thursday, August 02, 2007

Viking WRs

Which is the more dire situation: Minnesota wide receivers or Minnesota quarterbacks?

Judd Zulgad examines the wide receivers in "Vikings are in good hands," focusing on receivers coach George Stewart and the inexperience of the players at that position. Writes Zulgad:

"Stewart, entering his first season as the Vikings' receivers coach but his 20th year in the NFL, has been assigned the task of overseeing a group of 11 players that have a combined 245 catches in 179 games. Four of the receivers are rookies, including draft picks Rice (second round), Aundrae Allison (fifth round) and Williams (seventh round)."

Indeed, the Vikings should have a lot of young talent at the position, but it's a difficult position to learn, and so the inexperience is scary. It's obvious reading the article how critical Stewart is going to be if these Viking WRs are going to be above average.

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  1. Anonymous9:26 PM

    I've always liked the metaphor that if a QB is the fudge in a sundae, the superstar WR is the cherry. You can be successful as a QB and win with just the fudge (Favre, Brady, Marino) But not so much the cherry and no fudge.