Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bucky Brooks praises our hero, Tarvaris Jackson

SI's Bucky Brooks takes a look at some QB questions in the NFL, and he says "Vikings fans shouldn't worry about Tarvaris Jackson." According to Brooks, Jackson is "a talented athlete with a strong arm and great physical tools" and that "he has made tremendous strides as a passer during the offseason. He no longer looks tentative and unsure of his reads in the pocket, and has done a good job of patiently letting the system determine where the ball should go on every play."

A lot of national media members are (rightly) doubtful about the Vikings because of the unproven, relatively unknown quarterback. Hopefully as more scouts look at Jackson, we'll hear more reports about his ability and poise.


  1. i dont agre wih you i think tavarius was taken way to early in the draft he doesn't make his reads very good and will not make it in the nfl


  2. BTW, to those of you here.My sn is speedlod, trucker by way of trade.
    Been a Vike fan since Kapp era.
    Love to talk football not just my Vikes though will admit my glasses have a purple tint.
    Looking for a place call home, make friends and just talk football.
    Would love to see this blog get filled with chatter maybe follow other blogs and start a FFL.
    What better way to spend a sunday then a 12 pack, a Vike game, and a little FFL smack.Well can think of other things just not during game, pregame,halftime, and post game can think of things.But then again somethings best left unsaid eh.

  3. I disagree with ya there avant.I think T.J. has come along way considering a rook and rookie wideouts,rookie coach, following in the footsteps of Dennis Green era.
    In my Pov I think T.J. will do well,oh yea a few mistakes.But all in all would rather see him with our frontline, though will agree that our reciever core leaves much to be desired.A non catching wr as first,a cast off as second, another cast off as third.
    But believe it or not I think this band of misfits will do well together.Because happenstance creates strange bedfellows and no stranger crew then these.Have been considered Super bowl contenders and won.

  4. Anonymous6:29 AM

    HA Speedlod has been reading the best Viking Blog there is in the Strib !!! Go Vikes....

  5. Speedlod,

    You're right about avant.
    he's on a couple other lists and he's always slamming Jackson and the Vikings in general. I haven't ever seen anyone respond to his comments without cursing him. he's an idiot and to be ignored.


  6. Anonymous1:44 PM

    I think Tjack isn't very good at progressing through his reads yet. Right now it seems like when he drops back he is focused on one receiver the entire play.

    I think this will change, however.. and once it does we will have a mobile QB with a strong arm that can make the right decisions.

  7. Gosh, it's fun to read everyone's expert analysis. "Making his reads" and "progressing through his reads"...Wow. I wish I was such a football QB expert as to make such judgments. I guess you guys played on more than an NFL scout team, eh? I played a year in college at a small school in the midwest and I have no clue whatsoever where an NFL QB running one of the most complex offenses known is 'supposed' to throw it and to whom and when. Thanks for helping me out with your insights. My support of my NFL starting QB Tarvaris (and I am spelling it correctly, for those of you that probably don't pronounce it right) must wait, I see. I'll be checking back to your eminent adjudication post-game in week one to see if the Vikings won, as the score seems to mean little to you experts.

    How did AD do? Should he have spun the way he did, or would his SportsCenter highlight run have gone a few yards farther had he spun opposite? Ferguson is a wasted roster spot, right? I'll bet GB doesn't think so now that Driver is gimped. But you're all much smarter than I, so I'll let your opinions/authority reign.

    Wouldn't it be great if Chilly and Zigy would just get real and take advice from you all. The Vikes would instantly vault into the playoffs and whiz on the Bears and Saints and win the NFC Conference Championship over the Eagles. Even vaunted New England would have to let Yoda and Randy and Daddy Tommy do some work and break a sweat.

    This is supposed to be entertainment, guys. We in the blogosphere aren't getting paid and it's likely that we are the only ones that give one crispy brown fall maple leaf about our own little chats here.

    I'll let the experts, meaning those that play the game and coach the game and write checks to them, be the judges of how well things are going. I'm not claiming to know more than any of you, but I do claim to be a lifelong Vikings fan. I bitched hard about last year's offensive boredom and ineffectiveness but I didn't spray my bile across the web claiming to have answers and authority regarding an individual player's ability.

    Let's enjoy it, OK? Lighten up!


  8. Gosh, Mark, are you saying we shouldn't even bother talking about the team we love watching?

    I think most of us know the coaches, GMs, and scouts know more than us, and that our analysis is limited by what we can see. But you seem to imply we should just shut up and not bother talking about the team. For some it's fun to watch the team in silence; for others it's fun to discuss the team and our own opinions and assessments of the team. Nobody is claiming to be wise football geniuses by doing so. We don't have to leave everything to the "experts"; if so, we would do nothing but read a transcript of Childress' presser after a game.

    No, I have the faculty of reason, and I have a right to express my ideas, so I don't see anything bad in trying to analyze the game and fostering discussion of the team.

    You're right: it's supposed to be entertainment. I think you might be the one that needs to lighten up, and realize we are treating it as entertainment when we talk about it. It's just fine for us to talk about our desires for and opinions of the players on the team.

    We're not claiming "authority," but we do claim the faculty of reason, so we are allowed to talk about what we see going on. If you like to simply "bitch," that's fine. Some of us like to go further and try to understand what is going on. I hope you don't begrudge us that. But if you do, that's fine too.

  9. I have no intention of attempting to deny anyone any rights. I'm very big on freedom in all forms, period. I had been visiting my group of vikings sites that day and had had my fill of the idiotic, banal and grating slush that passes for discussion on the sports internet. People that refuse to use the automatic spell checking functions built into their own computers; people that work very hard to say things that sound earnest and forceful but have little value whatsoever except to agree with or sling feces at peers; people that believe in their souls that they have answers that will solve 'problems' relating to entertainment. I landed here and couldn't hold off any longer.

    Of course not all people blogging and chatting on the web are as I described.
    I don't want to insult anyone anymore, but I had to have my say, and I'm glad I did.