Saturday, August 25, 2007

Nike, Thanks for Nothing

Yes it is a sarcastic title. Why? Because once again Troy Williamson got open deep on a 1st and 10 play (set up wonderfully by a dominant run game), and somehow put his hands together a half-a-second after the ball passed through them.

Now I am not going to label Williamson a bust yet, but when you are a wide receiver who has had problems with coordination and depth perception it cannot bode well for you when you miss a very catchable ball. Troy, you are on a short leash with me and from what I saw from Sidney Rice on the second drive of the game tonight (i.e. a tough catch of a not so well thrown ball by Jackson) your time might be running out. Bobby Wade seems to have good chemistry with Jackson and as of right now definitely looks like the #1 WR in this offense.

Best thing about the game tonight? E.J. Henderson, Antoine Winfield, and Marcus McCauley. E.J. Henderson is all over the place. He got pressure on Hasselbeck and appeared to be all over the field. Winfield was his usual tackling stud and showed some great instinct on his interception. Marcus McCauley is destined to be the #2 CB on this team, maybe not this year but next year it should be his job (nothing against Griffen, but McCauley looks like a stud).

The destiny of this years Vikings team lies in the hands of Tarvaris Jackson and the offensive line. Tarvaris cannot turn over the ball and the offensive line cannot afford to be undisciplined and have false starts (yes that means you Ryan Cook). This team will be a ball control team, but in order for that to be successful penalties have to be at a minimum (we cannot afford to be the penalty ridden team we were under the leadership of Mike Tice).


  1. Just a second before during that play you see Williamsons right hand get caught up with the defenders.Seemed to me it impedes his chances of catching the ball.Not saying that second effort couldnt have caught it.
    We are just spectators in a game we love and once again must realize its just preseason.
    We all dream of that year that is ours we can taste the pride.I, myself have wasted 30 years awaiting that moment and realize I might await another 30 years.
    Every year I believe anew some years close some years not.But until they are knocked out completly do I throw the purple socks at the T.V.
    Then like all seasons I belive again drives my wife and kids bonkers.They say pick the Pats or the Colts they dont understand.
    Viking fan I am wether they win a S.B. or not. I could blame Red or Denny or Ziggy, or even Chilly.But the blame lies with me the Vikes are my team and I cant change.
    I am hopelessly a Vike fan and will believe until another hopeless season.But until that moment that we are knocked out, I believe.And when that moment comes I start believing in next season.
    Hmm shouldnt I be able to collect money on S.S.I. for this lol. D.P.S.

  2. Another idea hit the brain pan.What differance is there between The Hilton case,The Reid cas,The Vick case,The Lohan case and The 500,000 other cases that cant afford the attorneys or the Judges fees to see these thru.
    Money, pure and simple, you got money and slap on wrist.Broke and doing time.Let me get caught doing a fraction of the above mentioned crimes and I am looking at 30 years to life.But except for the first 4 cases, the rest will do real hard time.
    Yea, justice is blind but only to the color of green.If you aint got the green she blind terrible to your ass.

  3. Anonymous10:59 AM


    I think you are correct that green controls alot. That is one of the problems of capitalism, etc. I think I am a socialist deep down inside.

  4. I just don't think Williamson will ever be a good or consistent deep threat, despite his speed. From all I have seen of him, he is much better on slants, curls, etc. When he can get open in 5-10 yards beyond the LOS of scrimmage and just react to catch the ball and use his speed after the catch, that is where I think he is best. On the deep ball, well, he's struggled a lot.

  5. Anonymous3:05 PM

    The guy to be frustrated with is whoever decided that taking Williamson with the 7th pick in the draft was a good idea. It could be Tice, it could be Studwell, it could have been a decision by committee. Taking a guy that high when he has never demonstrated above average ball skills, however, is a bad idea, no matter who came up with it.

  6. I think Rice might be pretty good. He seems to make all the catches. A big strong possesion guy is what the passing game really needs.

  7. Anonymous3:13 PM

    As to the rest of the game, I though Jackson threw the ball pretty well, with the exception of a couple of deep balls when he had a guy in his face. The defense was adequate. Matt Birk didn't have a great game. Adrian Peterson is going to have a multiple Pro Bowl career if he stays healthy. Bobby Wade looked like a good typical West Coast offense receiver. Special teams were bad once again, and that is troubling, given how the Vikings are going to have to win games.

  8. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Here's an idea keep Ryan Cook at one spot throughout the game to add some consistency to the offensive line.