Monday, August 27, 2007

Welcome Kelly Holcomb: Why I'm Happy, Why I'm Not!

Well word is Kelly Holcomb is joining the Vikings for a 2008 6th round draft pick. This informartion comes with mixed reviews from me and here is why.

I think it is a good move because the Vikings defense is stellar and having a veteran at the QB position who has started more than all the QB's on our roster combined is definitely a good thing if Tarvaris shows he is not ready. Holcomb allows the Vikings a better safety net than our dear Brooks Bollinger.

However, here is why I don't like the move. Viking fans are fickle. The one position we historically have not had patience with is the quarterback position and with the addition of Holcomb to the roster I see a future of calling for "Kelly, Kelly." Don't get me wrong, I hope Tarvaris is a stud so that fans do not call for Kelly, but knowing that the fans used to call for Todd Bouman when Daunte struggled leaves me to believe Tarvaris is going to here some chants. The Vikings have now created an environment where the fans might not struggle along with the young QB, but rather will call for his head and to be replaced with Holcomb. Before I don't think many fans would have been calling for Brooks Bollinger if Tarvaris were struggling.

Good move Vikes in bringing in a veteran as a safety, but in the same light bad move Vikes because now the fans will grow restless and be harder on our young hero Tarvaris.


  1. 2009 6th round pick for Holcomb.

  2. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Yeah, at the time I had posted it; the belief was a 2008 6th round pick, but then conflicting reports came out and it was discovered to be 2009.

  3. used our 2008 6th round pick in trade this year.

  4. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Speedlod, please inform me when and who we traded next years 6th round pick to.

  5. I have to go back and look it was a nice move by Staff.

  6. Anonymous10:27 PM

    yes Speedlod I would definetely like to hear where our sixth round pick for 2008 is. I personally believe that it is still in our possession

  7. I want to say our 2008 6th goes to denver been trying back track for about 2hrs now.Cant remember where or why but read it somewhere.And of course with preseason almost over tough find old news.
    But if think about it why would eagles take a 2009 6th pick Vs a 2008 6th rd.But will still search and will post whenever I find it.

  8. Anonymous10:15 AM

    I think you might be confusing a trade made in draft this year with Denver. This year in the draft we gave Denver our 4th round pick that we acquired from Atlanta (by letting them move up in the 2nd round), in return Denver gave us a 6th and 7th rounder for 2007 and a 2008 3rd rounder.

    I am fairly certain we still own our 2008 6th round pick.

  9. Anything is possible we will know for come draft next year.