Friday, August 31, 2007

PV: Viking Season Ticket Holder

Well that's exhilarating.


  1. Anonymous10:40 AM

    where are the seats?!?!


  2. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Waste of $$

    FIRE CHILDRESS NOW !!!!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Grats man, may as well experience the games no before the team moves to LA.

    Worst sports fans in the united states, easily. Lakers.. Wild.. next is the vikes.

  4. Congrats PV.

    I'm a Browns season ticket holder, I got schlupped in as well.

    What can I say, I was probably in a similar boat as you: big name draft picks, coach that needs to win now, we're due, all that combined with the fact I'd just be watching on TV at home on sundays anyway. Why not?

  5. Nice, for those games we cant see we are going to expect a nice long blog here.Tell us the highlights and lows.
    As far as if the Vikes move or not is up to the City and peeps of Minny.
    What Ziggy has planned for that area would increase revenue and Tax money.Not only that but give a boost to the area with jobs and sites to see making it even more of a tourist attraction.Walk around that area and see it the way it really is.Only reason you would even go around there is for Parking,Tailgating, or a game.
    Ziggy is going to dip his beak get it wet a bit but instead of hogging the water trough to himself.He offers a chance for those around to him to wet their beaks too.He might not know football but he understands how to make money.He wants a new stadium with money making shops around it.If he cant get it here he will do what any other sane owner would do.Move to a City that will give him what he wants.Why should he pay 2.5 mill for a lot in Minny, when there is Citys willing to clear lots out give tax breaks,bend over and kiss his ass to get a Team.
    Ziggy has tried to keep the Vikes in Minny.But if you was selling a car in Minny for 2k and some guy in Cali called you and said ill give you 5k and pay to have it moved there.What would you do.
    We all know we would take the 5k Ziggy will to.Dont expect him to take the 2k cause everyone is sentimental.Aint that much love if every person in Minny cant donate a dollar a week to keep the Vikes home.One less cheeseburger per week per person could fund this.Makes me sad that the Cheese heads across the water got something right.