Friday, February 09, 2007

The Next Ten: Tim Duncan

For the 96-97 season, the NBA named its list of the 50 Greatest Basketball Players. For 06-07, we at Pacifist Viking will be adding 10 players to the list. We are not the first to re-examine the list of the greatest players. But you know what? We're the best.

Every player who has won an MVP that was not on the 50th anniversary team will be on the Pacifist Viking 60th anniversary team. And that includes one of the top two or three players of this decade, Tim Duncan.

Duncan is obviously one of the 60 greatest players; he might be one of the ten greatest players (in Elliot Kalb's book, he was 9th). Three championships (and the best player on the team for all three). Two MVPs. Three NBA Finals MVPs. I just wish we would call him what he is: a Center.

Tim Duncan is akin to Alexander Pope: fundamentally sound, technically skilled, but ultimately dull. He inspires nobody; we remember him because we have to remember him, not because we want to.

Previous Players: Bob McAdoo, Dennis Rodman

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