Wednesday, February 28, 2007

In praise of Drew Bennett

There is a veteran that should be the Vikings' top free agency priority. The Vikings should--nay, MUST acquire this man.

This man is Drew Bennett.

Drew Bennett is a 6'5" athlete. He's fast. I know a white WR is either supposed to be a possession receiver or "deceptively fast," but Bennett is just fast. He can go deep and make plays.

Drew Bennett has the size, speed, athleticism, and shiftiness to transform the Vikings' offense. Indeed, give Brad Childress a singular talent like Bennett, and Brad Childress might just transform football offense as we know it. Drew Bennett is the playmaker the Vikings need to get to the Super Bowl and win the damn thing.

You may look at Drew Bennett and see an average NFL wide receiver. You, however, are an idiot. In the right system, Drew Bennett can be an elite WR. His size allows him to make plays short; his speed allows him to make plays long. There's really nothing Drew Bennett can't do on the football field. He would instantly be the best WR on the Vikings' roster. Hell, if the Vikings talked Anthony Carter out of retirement, HE would instantly be the best WR on the Vikings' roster, we know that. But Drew Bennett is a special, special football player. We should march on Winter Park until the Vikings recognize this and run--RUN--to sign him.

And besides, according to his wikipedia page, he has memorized the movie Ghost (let me tell you how suprised I'll be if this is just a wiki prank that will be removed momentarily: not at all).

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  1. There's something to be said for former QBs who become sick receivers.

    As for the "deceptively fast" stuff, I swear I'm gonna get around to writing something on code language in sports talk. Bothers the heck out of me.