Friday, February 09, 2007

Grab Sack (links and comments)

It’s not even worth commenting on, but it’s worth observing: Rush Limbaugh thinks the media is too hard on Rex Grossman because he is white. One could write a lengthy essay pointing out the absurdity of Limbaugh’s claim, but one could also write a lengthy essay pointing out that cat is spelled C-A-T. It just doesn’t seem worth the effort.

Pro-football-reference has expanded its historically playoff statistics.

Fanhouse, how dare you get me to dream of Larry Fitzgerald with the Vikings! How dare you!

FreeDarko looks at perception of homosexuality in NBA lockerrooms.

Outsports compiles some of the reactions to John Amaechi’s book.

Blue Viking Devil, some people root for teams that manage to handle their rivals at home.

Ron Artest mistreats his dog. I’ve got some issues about how the PETA blog addressed this. As I attempted to comment on their blog, “Is it necessary to title this post 'Thug Life'? Is it necessary to bring up a crime that Artest has absolutely no involvement in? In criticizing Artest's treatment of animals, is it really necessary to perpetuate negative stereotypes of black athletes? PETA seems better than that.”

Learn about new Viking defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier.

Here’s a college president talking about eliminating a college football program.

Check out Peyton Manning's average regular season.

Leslie Frazier as defensive coordinator should work out fine. We don’t know a ton about what he’s going to do, but there’s no reason to lower our expectations for the 2007 Viking defense.

To Michael Irvin’s detractors: Blow it out your ass. Just because you don’t like him doesn’t mean he’s not a deserving HOFer. Just because you like Art Monk doesn’t mean Irvin isn’t a deserving HOFer. If you think Troy Aikman is a HOFer, then there is no question Michael Irvin is a HOFer. He was an obnoxious man as a player, and he's an obnoxious man as a commentator, and that means a lot of people don't like him. That doesn't matter--he's one of the great NFL receivers and deserves to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

As I’m extremely picky about which books I pick up to read, I doubt I’ll ever get to John Amaechi’s new book, but I’m still interested. It’s not as big a story when a former player (and a mediocre one at that) comes out--it will be huge when an active player comes out—-but stories like this put homosexuality in sports into the mainstream conversation, which is a good thing.

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