Monday, February 05, 2007

Blog Hiatus

I will not be posting on the blog for a bit of time. Also I have no comments on the Superbowl since I did not even watch one second of it. The reason for both of the above statements is because I am currently camping out to maintain my #1 spot in the graduate line for Duke vs. UNC at Cameron Indoor Stadium on Wednesday. That is right folks #1 which means I get to have my normal spot of standing on the floor directly under the visitor's basket first half and Duke's basket second half. This is two years in a row I have been #1 in line and unfortunately the last year I will be #1 since I graduate from Divinity School in May. I plan to be back in full force around mid-February after my week journey back to the frozen land of Minnesota. Look forward to my dissection of fan heckling along with a story and picture.

I no longer can call Peyton Manning a loser and for that reason alone I will cheer for the Colts to go 0-16 next year.


  1. Have fun in line! Good luck!

  2. Anonymous12:57 PM

    I suppose "Duke Boy" will get tired waiting in line and need someone to relieve him.

  3. Duke has a school that teaches you how to make candy? That is awesome. I'll bet that makes you a very popular guy in the duke line.