Monday, February 12, 2007

Grab Sack

The Daily Norseman sums up my feelings on Jeff Garcia becoming a Viking. Actually, the Daily Norseman almost sums up my feelings on Jeff Garcia becoming a Viking. I would add in a lot of punching myself in the throat to stop myself from screaming uncontrollably.

If we are going to laugh at the death of an animal, we can laugh at the death of a human being. At least Yelling Louder assumes so.

The City Pages does feature blogging about sports, like comments on last night's T-Wolves' win.

The New York Times reviews two books on Piston Pete Maravich.

And finally, I did my first liveblog this weekend...of a local news broadcast. This is a blog that I and others write for about the Twin Cities (mostly local TV but also comments on cheapness and various inanity), so check it out if you're interested. I read sports blogs that mix a lot of non-sports posts in and I really enjoy that; I don't do that much here because I've compartmentalized my life too much (I also "try" blog about literature and theory elsewhere). It's also why I only link to blogs that are "primarily" about sports on this site, since I link to a lot of other business on the other ones).

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