Thursday, February 01, 2007

In which I make tenuous connections to sports to provide links I want to

Horse racing must be a sport; after all, sports bloggers can't resist talking about Barbaro. And Barbaro just died. Which gives us reason to talk about a play involving horses and animal cruelty, Peter Shaffer's Equus. There's an interesting story about a new guy starring in Equus, and I've already written about it and provided links for it over here.

Here's a bit about a French figure skater. Skating is a sport, so this link meets the criteria for PV.

And for real-real, you might enjoy this Cold, Hard Football Facts look at Peyton Manning. I agree with the basic premise: Peyton Manning is one of the all-time greatest NFL QBs, and a Super Bowl win might solidify him as THEE greatest QB of all-time.

Michael Silver has a nice SI column on the 80s Bears, as underachievers.

And don't forget another big NFL story this weekend: final HOF voting. Peter King talks about it (and I'm sure Dr. Z will write about it after the voting--I do like how open the SI HOF voters are about the process and their feelings).


  1. Equus is an excellent play.

  2. I love how hard-core Skins fans have shamed PK into giving Monk better odds.

  3. peyton manning may end up having the best statistics of any quarterback of all time but i think he's an example of a player where the statistics don't mean as much-- especially in a comparison with johnny unitas. anyhow, you can make legit arguments for unitas, favre, elway, montana, baugh, graham, and your old buddy marino. i've seen the argument made for bradshaw and bart starr but more rarely. so it seems to me you can never really have 'the greatest' quarterback-- but the key is getting them into that very elite club where anyone of them is not much better than the next. arguing stats just sets them up for dome and marvin harrison arguments.

  4. I am shocked--SHOCKED!--that Rob doesn't think Manning's statistics mean much.