Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Workhorses, Leaderboards, Links, and Business

Recently I noted that Tomlinson's TD record may not be quite so impressive, since he's breaking a record that was set in 2000, then 2003, then 2005. It's a breakable record. I seem to recall somebody at Football Outsiders suggested the repeated breaking of this record suggests an era of the workhorse running back.

In a related anecdote, at the end of an NFL season I like to take a look at the updates to the big records. Different things stand out. For example, did you know that this season Steven Jackson came within 100 yards of Marshall Faulk's yards from scrimmage record? Jackson had 2,334, Faulk had 2429 in 1999. But look closer at pro-football-reference.com's leaderboard. All 6 of the top yards from scrimmage seasons since 1960 happened since 1997. The second highest total was in 2005 (Tiki Barber), and 2006 featured the 5th and 6th highest totals (Steven Jackson's 2,334 and Tomlinson's 2,323). 9 of the top 11 yards from scrimmage seasons have occurred since 1999. Two other RBs in 2006 made the list (Larry Johnson's 2,199 and Tiki Barber's 2,127--there's a reason I suggested that if Barber makes the HOF he'll have Tom Coughlin to thank). Evidence seems to suggest that we're in an era where primary running backs are getting a lot of work.

Moving along, here are a few links you might find interesting. Michael David Smith of the Football Outsiders has a column at FOX Sports arguing for Peyton Manning for MVP, and it includes another link to a Michael David Smith column about why quarterbacks shouldn't be judged by Super Bowl rings. Give it some thought.

And finally, assuming no technical issues, a third contributor, Blue Viking Devil, will be added to Pacifist Viking. He can cover a lot more basketball than I can, and he has more internet access than What was that bang? or I do, so we welcome his contributions.

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