Saturday, January 13, 2007

Is this the best football weekend all year?

I love the opening Sunday, and I love next week's conference championships. But the Divisional Round might be the most fun we have all year.

There are four games, all of them televised, all of them on their own.

They feature the eight best teams in the league, and that means seeing most of the league's best players in big meaningful games.

And this is the round that often gives us the supremely memorable games with fantastic, unique, memorable (or tragic) endings, at least in recent years (Patriots-Raiders and the tuck rule, Colts-Steelers and all the craziness at the end, Packers-Eagles and the 4th and 26). The drama is constant and the quality of football is spectacular (I seem to recall Sports Illustrated doing a feature on how and why the Divisional Round is the best weekend of football two or three years ago).

We're down to 6 real NFL games left until September, and 4 of them will be happening in the next two days. Enjoy the hell out of yourselves, people. You might be talking about what you see today for years to come.


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  2. Shouldn't it be 7 real NFL games? 4 this weekend and 2 next weekend and then the Super Bowl or doesn't the Super Bowl count as a real NFL game?

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