Friday, January 05, 2007

Around the NFL: quick coaching thoughts

For as long as I've paid close attention to football, Bill Cowher has been the coach of the Steelers. This is what I'd feel like if The Simpsons goes off the air (well, if I cared about the Steelers this is what I'd feel like).

This may put me in the minority, but I believe this strongly: Dennis Green deserved another year in Arizona. Nobody's made the Cardinals any good since they were the Chicago Cardinals. The team was moving in a good direction at the end of the year. I think a coach of Green's quality deserves a fourth year to try make them a winner.

If Viking defensive coordinator Mike Tomlin gets a head coaching job, I will say he's very deserving and I will wish him success with his new team. But I'd also be sad. 2006 gave us the best Viking defense since the early 90s. I'd like Tomlin to be with the Purple for another year or two.

It's hard to get too uptight about the shenanigans of Nick Saban. How many owners have acted like their current coach was the guy they wanted only to fire him immediately after the season? Much like Peter King criticizing players for holding out, etc., but defending a team's decision to cut players, it seems odd to expect some sort of loyalty from one party but accept total lack of loyalty from the other.

The Steelers, Raiders, and Dolphins have a combined 10 Super Bowl trophies (actually, from 1972-1984 they won 9 of them), and now they all have coaching openings. Those are no slouch franchises.

While I don't follow college football very closely and don't care about the U at all, for some reason I would LOVE it if Dennis Green or Mike Tice came to coach the Gophers.

And I'm still hoping Brad Childress is bullshitting us about a quarterback competition between Tarvaris Jackson and Brooks Bollinger.

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