Thursday, January 04, 2007

Who is the Viking QB?

Not long ago it seemed the Vikings had an all-pro QB in place for a decade. Now it's a position of question marks and suckitude. Where do we go from here?

Brad Childress says that 2007 will feature a QB competition between Tarvaris Jackson and Brooks Bollinger. I hope he's just bullshitting us. Jackson could use another year learning. Brooks Bollinger isn't enough to be excited about (I realize he came late to the team this season, but if he's good enough why wasn't he competing for taking Brad Johnson's job around midseason?). This defense is built strong and can win now with a functional QB and some decent WRs. The top priority in the off-season needs to be at WR (there's nobody on the current roster that combines the ability to get separation with the ability to consistently catch the ball) and DE (for all the good the defense did do, all season long the pass rush from the line was disgustingly bad). But getting a decent QB to play a year or two wouldn't be a bad idea, either. After 2006, I now see people like Jake Plummer and Byron Leftwich as upgrades to mediocrity that could help the Vikings compete.

During the season, I argued for either Bollinger or Jackson to replace Johnson. But that was looking at the options available. Going into an off-season, there are many more options available, and those should be looked at too. I hope Childress isn't stubbornly choosing to stick with the questionable QBs he has now; he might as well try find a different questionable but possibly better QB that's available. Hell, Joey Ha Ha might be an upgrade. OK, I'm now going to punch at my brain for suggesting that.

Tarvaris can still be the future. Is he ready to be the present, when other options might be available?

The Vikes have been doing a great job locking up good players for the long-term. Kevin Williams, Bryant McKinnie, Steve Hutchinson, and E.J. Henderson are set to be wearing purple for several years. But the Vikes need to look at getting a QB that can perform at least averagely.

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