Friday, January 12, 2007

National Friday League: Divisional Playoff Round

Avoiding cliches
It's hard to avoid using cliched phrases--as Orwell says, once you get into the habit of using them, it's much easier to write with them. So here's a tip on eliminating thoughtless, unoriginal expressions from your language:

When you use a cliche, replace one word with a different word.

That's why I make "wipe from the face of the earth" into "wipe from the crust of the earth." "Grab bag" becomes "Grab sack." "At the end of the day" becomes "at the end of the movie." "Thrown under the bus" can become "Tossed under the carriage." And on and on. But don't get caught using a new cliched phrase: use new words when you can. "When pigs fly" can become "when donkeys fly" or "when pigs dance the tango" and can be altered every time. Because if you're just going to use the same cliched phrases, why bother writing?

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