Monday, January 29, 2007

Alternative Sports Perspectives

PETA on horse racing
According to Deadspin, horse Barbaro has been killed. Barbaro probably should have never existed--at least not in the form he did. PETA said as much when Barbaro was first injured. PETA has a strong stance against horse racing. Horse racing is a pretty rotten thing to do to these animals.

(Give me a break, it's not often a sports story gives me a legitimate opportunity to comment on animal rights!)

OutSports on the Super Bowl
Always a delightful column: Outsports does its Super Bowl preview from a gay perspective. A highlight:

HOMOEROTIC FOOTBALL TERMS: Tight end. Naked bootleg. Over the top. Line plunge. Going all the way. Getting penetration. Man in motion. Going deep. He scores.

I've always loved the "pound it up the middle" perspective on football.


  1. Anonymous6:19 PM

    PETA needs to find a new action. They try to find fault with anything involving animals. How dare you have a cat in captivity, by the way.

  2. Yes, a pox on that organization which exists solely for the purpose of animal welfare! Why don't they mind their business and stop commenting on animal welfare!

    (and there is legitimate argument in the animal rights community over whether or not people should have pets. Obviously I'm in the "responsible pet ownership is OK" camp).