Sunday, January 14, 2007

Four Games of Fun

Indy over Baltimore
If the Colts lost a playoff game 49-48, Manning would get blamed for it, so who cares if the Colts won with great defense?

Patriots over Chargers
In all games, sometimes the loser's mistakes are more important than the winner's successes. Here was a game the Chargers lost more than the Patriots won.

Saints over Eagles
A lot of good running back performances this weekend, but wasn't Deuce McAllister particularly fun to watch?

Bears over Seahawks
Who else was ready for a 13-7 game with 19 turnovers? That was fairly well-played and fun to watch. Hasselbeck was just a little off on too many passes.

All four games this weekend were fun to watch. Next week's should be the same. But I'll just be rooting for the defenses.

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