Friday, January 12, 2007

BlueVikingDevil's Divisional Preview

I am excited about this weekend's games. Mostly just the AFC games, but I also look forward to seeing if Rex Grossman chokes or not. So without any more delay here they are.

Seattle at Chicago

Seattle has been anything but spectacular this year. Injuries have hit all three of their big offensive stars (Hasselbeck, Alexander, and D.Jackson) this year and Jackson is still hurting. I don't have much fail in Seattle, but I have even less faith in Rex Grossman. He is the exact opposite of Tom Brady. Brady rises to the occasion in a big game while Rex turns into a freshman high school quarterback. I have a feeling that Grossman throws 2 ints in the first half leading to a half time score of 20-6 with Seattle leading. Lovie benches Grossman and Griese comes in to lead Chicago to victory in the 2nd half with the help of a Hester punt return for a TD. Final Score 27-23 with Chicago coming out on top.

Philly at New Orleans

I call this the meeting of the feel good stories of the year in the NFL. The Saints are the story this year and everyone had written off Philly after McNabb went down. Vegan Viking stated it well that much of Philly's success is going to depend on Brian Westbrook. The Saints won this matchup earlier this year. Two major thing were different for Philly in that game. First, McNabb was the QB and Andy Reid was calling the plays and going pass-pass-pass-punt, etc. Second, Stallworth was injured. I don't have much faith in Jeff Garcia, but thanks to the more balanced play calling with him at QB I think Philly can pull off the upset. Final Score 20-13 with Philly winning.

Indy at Baltimore

First off I cannot stand Peyton Manning. Don't get me wrong he is a great QB and essentially is the offensive coordinator in Indy. However, my distaste for him often causes me to throw reason to the side and just pick against him. I think Indy is good, but I think Baltimore is better. The Baltimore defense was by far the best defense this year and I think they are going to give Manning all types of problems and this week Indy isn't going to be able to establish the run like they did against KC. I think Manning has 3 more ints but gets 2 tds also. McNair comes out to play and with the help of an Ed Reed int return for a TD the Ravens will win. Final Score 31-23 with Baltimore winning.

New England at San Diego

Tomlinson has been the best player in the NFL this year by a long shot. Can he carry the team on his shoulder with the help of the Shawn Merriman led defense? I personally don't think so. Here are my reasons. First, Rivers is a first year starter and about to start his first playoff game and really the first major pressure game he has had all year and I don't think that is a formula for success. Second, Shotty is a horrible playoff coach and Belicheck is one of the best if not the best playoff coach. Finally, Tom Brady. Luckily for New England I don't see this one coming down to needing a clutch kick because Gostowski (sp?) is no Vinateiri. New England wins this game 30-13.

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