Wednesday, January 10, 2007

90s Cowboys; Kings of 00s Media

When you were watching the Cowboys dominate the league and the headlines in the mid-90s, did you think that they would be dominating the media a decade later?

Daryl Johnston and Troy Aikman are color commentators for FOX.

Jimmy Johnson is a commentator for FOX.

Michael Irvin is a commentator for FOX.

Deion Sanders is a commentator for the NFL Network.

James Washington is host of a FOX Sports radio show.

Emmitt Smith won "Dancing with the Stars" and is doing some commentator work.

And of course, Jerry Jones is still the owner and still won't let us forget he exists.

Are there more that I don't even know of?

This is all that I know of. Face it, Cowboy haters--you are never going to get away from these guys. They will be tormenting you forever. FOREEEEEVVVVER.


  1. "Michael Irvin is a commentator for FOX." No, ESPN. I am not sure if you are complaining, but you shouldn't be. If you watch football, you would know that Daryl Johnston and Troy Aikman are perhaps the two best color guys in the game (certainly Aikman is #1).

    Deion Sanders actually did a pretty good job on NFL network, even questioning TO after the Deion Hall spitting incident.

    As for Irvin, sure he some times says some crazy stuff but I don't mind him too much. He is there for entertainment purposes and he sometimes provides good inside.

    So yes the Cowboys are all over the media, but for the most part it is because they are good at what they do and they are hard workers....maybe that is why they won 3 rings in the 90's.

  2. Mimi me - Maybe, or maybe it was the crack.

  3. No, I'm not complaining. It was an observation--it's a high number of players from one team currently in broadcasting. I really liked watching those Cowboy teams.

    The Irvin error was obviously a mistake (winter break gives me less time to proofread).