Thursday, January 04, 2007

Free Agency Help

Okay so I currently live in North Carolina and this has meant that Viking games are a rarity for me. This also means that I really dont have the opportunity to watch their games to see what kind of needs they might have to address to improve the team. That means that Vegan Viking has been my source of assessing the needs of the team. The two biggest needs he tells me are pass-rushing defensive end(s) and Wide Receivers. So here goes my personal take on what the Vikings should do to fill those positions.

I see no help on the Free Agent market in terms of WR. Drew Bennett and Kevin Curtis appear to be the cream of the crop and maybe DJ Hackett has moved up on some charts. I honestly think that all three of these would be improvements for the team, but the DE crop in FA is far richer and we could get some major help. So here is my personal take on what the Vikings should do to address their needs.

(1) Use the #7 pick on Calvin Johnson if he is available. If he is not available then look at Dwayne Jarrett. (This assumes that they both declare for the draft). If neither are available then look at Offensive Lineman or take the best available player regardless of position. If this means Adrian Peterson at RB then take him. (I also wouldn't mind seeing the Vikings looking at WR with a 2nd or 3rd rounder on a guy like Steve Smith from USC who is a great route runner.
(2) Spend some of that cap money on a pass rushing DE. These are the guys available who could make the difference:

(a) Dwight Freeney: He is going to be very expensive and he somewhat scares me in terms of injuries and he tends to overattack opening up a vulnerability to the run. However, the Vikings have shown that they can cover the run with the tackles and linebackers so he might be a good fit, but I think the price tag will just be too high.
(b) Jared Allen: He is a restricted free agent so the price of draft picks might be too much, but he gets to the QB and is young. If he is tendered at the highest level by KC I just can't imagine the Vikings being willing to give up the picks.
(c) Justin Smith: He might be my favorite to be wearing the purple-and-gold next season. He is still pretty young and has shown to be a good rusher. I think his price tag wont be too high and that I think bodes well for the Vikes.
(d) Vonnie Holliday: I am not much for older vets, but if the price tag isnt too high he could be a nice help for the Vikes. I still would rather have Smith, but Holliday would help with a pass rush.

My dream is that the Vikes sign Justin Smith and draft Calvin Johnson, but I realize that I will more than likely just be disappointed and the Vikes will sign who knows and draft some offensive lineman (I wouldnt mind that, but it doesnt do much for me as a fan).


  1. So you think the pass coverage would improve enough with an upgraded rush? Or do they need help in the secondary too?

  2. Im not sure about the secondary. I havent been able to watch, but from what I hear Cedric Griffin looked pretty good. Smoot is a good coverage corner, but lacks the physical tools to rock out in the Cover-2. If you remember Tank Williams got hurt and didnt play. I mean I wouldnt complain if they got some help, but I feel alright with Winfield, Griffin, Smoot, Smith, Sharper, T.Williams, etc.

    If a team isnt getting a rush the quarterback will have all day to obliterate any deficiency in coverage that a team with a pass rush can cover up. That is why Tampa found success when it had outside rushers like Simeon Rice.

  3. The pass coverage wasn't that bad at all--the Vikings had the 5th best defensive passer rating. The yardage reflects the volume of pass plays more than their succcess.

  4. Anonymous12:34 PM

    I also think we should use our draft pick on Calvin Johnson.

    And I doubt it will happen, but can you imagine Dwight Freeny playing for the Vikings?