Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Whither Randy?

Randy Moss, the most talented wide receiver in the league and most exciting player I've ever watched, is currently in exile on a team with no quarterback, no offensive line, and no offensive philosophy. Randy is rich and probably doesn't care, but this upsets me because he is being thwarted from his destiny of breaking all of Jerry Rice's records. In my fantasy league, I went through the indignity of offering Randy Moss straight up for the Chicago Defense...and getting rejected. He's got to get out of Oakland.

So, let us consider where Randy could play in 2007.

Oakland: there's a fair chance they could move him--at his insistence. I hope so, I really do, but odds are he ends up staying.
Kansas City: Rumors are Herm Edwards wanted Moss when he was with the Jets. Who knows what he might do?
Denver: I doubt it, but Shanahanigans is crazy. A crazy, bright red man.
San Diego: Not if Marty Schottenheimer is still there.
Indianapolis: No chance. Manning wouldn't have him, the Colts don't need him.
Jacksonville: Reggie Williams, Matt Jones, and a hardnosed philosophy--not bloody likely.
Houston: I have no idea, but I doubt it.
Tennessee: I have no idea, but I doubt it.
Pittsburgh: No chance. Even if Cowher leaves, the Rooneys wouldn't want him.
Cincinnati: Chad Johnson, Chris Henry, TJ Houshmandzspellityourself--doesn't seem necessary.
Baltimore: We'll see how the Ravens' season turns out. That's where Moss wanted to go, they tried to get Moss, they always seem to want to add offensive players, and they have utterly no concern for character at all. It's a distinct possibility.
Cleveland: WTF? Doubtful.
New England: How bad do the Pats need a WR? Is Moss the kind of player, mentally and physically, to play this system? Would they even try?
Miami: Hmm...Culpepper-Moss, part 2? Possible.
Buffalo: No chance--Dick Jauron isn't having it.
New York Jets: I don't see it.
Seattle: Agent Smith plays WR for them; I don't see what they'd want with Moss.
Arizona: Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin--I think it would take quite a bit for Denny Green to try replace one of those guys with Moss.
St. Louis: Linehan coached Moss before...Isaac Bruce approaches retirement...Hmm. Quite the possibilities.
San Francisco: Barely better than Oakland.
Carolina: Not bloody likely.
Tampa Bay: I can't see why.
Atlanta: Moss would like it, but they don't want him.
New Orleans: I can't see why.
Philadelphia: Randy is not the munch T0 is, but the Eagles wouldn't want to risk it.
New York (Giants): Extremely doubtful. If the Gigants clean house because Burress and Shockey mouth off about coaches, I doubt they'll want Moss.
Dallas: Not if TO is there
Washington: I guess it's possible, but it doesn't seem to be a need
Minnesota: Welcome back, Randy! We'd love to have you. All of us except Wilf and Childress, unfortunately.
Detroit: Extremely doubtful.
Green Bay: I'd throw my head through the TV first.
Chicago: I'd throw my head through the TV first.

So, what teams are possibilities, for real? He'll probably still be in Oakland, not terribly pleased but still rich and still happy. Kansas City, Miami, and Baltimore could make a move for him. The only NFC teams I see making a move for him are Arizona (not likely because of Fitzgerald and Boldin) or St. Louis (possible--I don't know what Linehan thinks of Moss, but he knows how to use him. It might piss Torry Holt right the hell off, though).

My guess is Baltimore.

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