Friday, October 27, 2006

National Friday League, week eight

Vikings v. Patriots, Monday Night
From a fan's perspective, this game is huge. The most dominant team of the decade is in the AFC, so the Vikes only get to play them every four years, and they only come to Minnesota once every eight years. As fans, we have to enjoy these rare opportunities to see our team face a great AFC team during its dynasty. A win would be supremely memorable. Other than Packer games and playoff games, I can't think of a more exciting, bigger Viking game since they were contending for the Super Bowl. This isn't just a game to try win a division title or make the playoffs; it's a much rarer opportunity than that. I couldn't be more excited (well, I could be more excited--if I were just a little more excited, I would cancel class).

Denver and Indianapolis
I find it the AFC's most interesting dynamic: Indy has trouble beating New England, New England has trouble beating Denver, and Denver has trouble beating Indy. But Mile High is different from a Dome.

Actually, this game should be a lot of fun to watch, but I don't know that it will tell us a whole lot. Indy whipped Pittsburgh in the RCA Dome in 2005, then lost to them there in the playoffs. I figure it's a safe bet that Indy, Denver, and New England are getting to the playoffs. It barely matters who wins the regular season matchups between these teams, because they'll really have to do it again in January, and it's really hard to know whether homefield matters very greatly.

Solid matchups
This weekend features a whopping eight games between teams that are each .500 or better. A lot of early season playoff positions and statements to be made in week eight. NFC teams in particular could go up or down a great deal based on the weekend.

The Packers
If you live in the Twin Cities, you have to know that if the Packers at a time the Vikings don't, you're going to be watching the Packers. This sort of sucks.

Chronicle of Worn-out Metaphors
I will continue to chronicle worn-out metaphors on this blog, but not in a comprehensive, systematic way; I'll do it occasionally when I find it interesting. There's really no big thrill in documenting every single figure of speech Peter King uses, but it is sort of fun to examine an occasional column.

I wish I had enough time on earth to tell you all the reasons I find this interesting
Brady Quinn, Friend To The Gays, Or Just Idol?

Enjoy the weekend everybody (except Packer and Bear fans), and remember, as the Bard says,

Life is but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more: it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury
Signifying nothing.


  1. i don't know. i may root for the vikings against tom terrific. i don't know.

  2. Vikings/Patriots will be an excellent game methinks. Both very good defenses, efficient offenses. Vikings 20, Patriots 17 on a last-second 43 yard FG by Longwell. You heard it here first.