Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Musings and Wonderings and Questionings

Does the fact that they sucked against the Cards mean they are a pretender? Or does the fact that they still found a way to win mean they are a contender? Who can beat them in the playoffs? Are they now a more detestable rival for the Vikings than the Packers? Should I give up my hopes of an improbable NFC North title for the Vikes this year?

Randy Moss to New England
Would that make Randy Moss an instant fantasy starter again? Would Brady to Moss become one of the legendary all-time combos, even if it ends up short-lived? Would all the people with Moss Raider jerseys still wear them? What would Moss's number be in New England? Would he switch back to #84 and become potent, like Michael Jordan switching back to #23? If Randy Moss gets traded to the Patriots, what will happen on Monday, October 30th when the Patriots play the Vikings in the Metrodome? Would I need to cancel class entirely to go home and mentally prepare for such an event? Would that be the most conflicting moment in my life?

Vikings against the Seahawks
Is #81, #82, #83, and #84 for the Seahawks a clone? If one of them sticks his hand into Antoine Winfield's chest, will Winfield turn into one of them? Will they continue to replicate themselves until the entire NFL is filled with them? Would they be willing to go to the Viking WRs and replicate themselves?

The World Series
Why do we have to be denied the pleasure of a Sunday night football game just because some people like baseball? This was fine when we still had a Monday night game on broadcast, but why does it have to happen now?


  1. Well, we know one thing... Rex Grossman isn't as good as he showed through 5 games. I mean, did Daunte ever have a game that bad? 14/37, 4 INT, 2 fumbles lost... those numbers are unbelievably atrocious.

  2. Randy Moss to the Pats would have made them the favorites to win the Super Bowl. Moss is an extremely talented receiver. Although he does slack off some and is somewhat controversial, he still is very very good. And New England needs a quality WR very very badly!