Friday, October 20, 2006

National Friday League, week seven

Staring into the Abyss
Rob is right; barring some disaster, it is inevitable that Favre will break Marino's TD record. I can root against it, but I'm just a crazy obsessive trying to deny fate. I will now compensate by rooting like mad for Peyton Manning. Eventually he will break all the records, so I can just live in hope that Manning passes Favre quickly.

"But at my back I always hear/ Time's winged chariot hurrying near"
Once upon a time, the Priest Holmes Experience Featuring Randy Moss was a fantasy force to be reckoned with. The greatest fantasy football performer in history has flamed out, but at the 2006 draft, I ran around the house screaming like a buffoon when I was able to draft Randy Moss. Now he is the Experience's #4 WR, clearly behind Steve Smith and Marvin Harrison and surprisingly behind Reggie Williams. "And yonder all before us lie/ Deserts of vast eternity."

Is Jesus cool? 97% say yes, 3% say maybe.
At Hamline's 2006 performance of Jesus Christ Superstar, the answer to this poll question was shown in pie graph form. For some reason, I still think it is funny.

So when I want to ask, "What chance do the Vikings have to win in Seattle?," I want to give "No chance," "Very little chance," or "Some chance" as the choices. Frankly, I'm writing it off as a loss just so I can feel good if the Vikes happen to win. When Daunte and Randy were here, I always figured there was any game the Vikes could win, because you never really know when you might get one of those 150 yard, 3 TD games from Moss. Less than two years after Moss and Culpepper played their last game together, the Viking offense is now awful; I watch it with little hope. And while I have confidence in the defense, the secondary does still show a penchant for giving up pass completions. Agent Smith might just torch the Viking D for lots of first downs. Oh well, I have some hope.

Also, I hate when the Vikes play at 3:15.


  1. 1) Farve might set the TD record, but he's also close to the record for most INTs thrown (he only needs 18). Hard to argue you were the best QB if you turned it over the most. It's why I'm praying he doesn't retire after this year. Well, that and b/c he's not that good anymore.

    2) I completely understand your point about Moss/Daunte having the ability to win any game. Its not quite the same, but the INT/Kickoff/Punt return for touchdown game against the Giants makes me believe that this current incarnation could win any game.

  2. Peyton Manning won't be breaking the QB record for most Super Bowl rings.

  3. I think they certainly have a chance to win. However they will have to play a spectacular game, in particular on defense.

  4. Vikings win!! Wow, what an unbelievale game!