Friday, October 13, 2006

National Friday League, Week Six

Free Randy!
PFT says the Steelers might be interested. Don Banks says a couple of teams are interested in him. We could have the biggest mid-season NFL trade since Herschel Walker ruined the Vikings for three years. Moss would certainly be excited to move. Would he be as excited, however, as all the fantasy football owners who failed to move him yet this season? Randy ending up on another team could double his fantasy production and value. Good times.

Shanahanigans and the Raiders
Several weeks ago, I was looking over my fantasy roster, considering various trades, and then Denver's primetime game against the Raiders caught my attention. I have spent the last several weeks looking forward to watching Tatum Bell destroy the Raiders. Should be fun. I failed, however, to acquire the Bronco defense for this game.

Viking bye week
You have to enjoy that one weekend a season when your favorite team doesn't play. no major anxiety, no crazy mental and physical reactions to events beyond ones control, no afternoon spent drilling the caffeine in a bizarre belief that will calm the nerves. OK, maybe that's just me. But the bye can be a fun time to relax and watch what other teams in the league the networks deign to offer you. According to this guy (via Deadspin), at noon in the great state of Minnesota we get to flip between Philly at New Orleans and Houston at Dallas, and then at three we get to watch KC at Pittsburgh.

That's all for now. Enjoy week six everybody. Except Bear fans. The Packers are on bye, so Packer fans, go ahead and enjoy yourselves too.


  1. You would think we'd go after someone like Moss or maybe even Jerry Porter, since our WR corps is atrociously awful, but I'm pessimistic. Such is life.

  2. moss won't be traded. shell will be fired first.