Monday, October 23, 2006

Cliches Used By Peter King This Week

I wrote a lengthy post criticizing Peter King's MMQB for this week. I deleted it because I thought this was all that really needed to be said. I now start a new gimmick at PV: "Cliches used by Peter King this week."

King writes:

I even survived Andre (I Never Met a Cliché I Didn't Like) Ware and made it through the ESPN2 telecast.

After seeing this comment, I had to go back and list off the cliches King used IN THIS VERY COLUMN:

"sink like a stone"

"a tortured soul"

"There is officially a better ___ than"

"the best ___ on Earth"

"You know there's been a shift in the tectonic plates when"

"There's a news flash"

"it's Russian roulette"

"it's going to be tough sledding"

you'll pardon ___ if he didn't invite ___ over to the house for ___"

"Talk about your basic dead-horse beating"

"crazy-quilt patchwork"

"Don't quit your day job"

"not the elixir to fix everything"


"The jinx of ___"

"Memo to ___"

"I refuse to kill ___"

"the tough slate"

"If you've got a brain in your head"

"Not many people will buy this"

"___ getting off the schneid"

"I Never Met a ___ I Didn't Like" (that's right--in the very criticism of Ware's use of cliches, King uses a cliche.)

So there you have it; in the very column in which Peter King makes fun of another person for overusing cliches, Peter King uses 22 cliches. TWENTY-TWO.


  1. All of those in just one column?? Ha.

  2. Is it said that I'm actually excited about playing along with this game?

    And are you going to play a mini version on Tuesdays?

  3. Can you publish the blog where you intended to critize Peter King? It would be fun reading an article like that, more so because i think most of us would agree with you.

  4. Good job. You didn't leave any stone unturned in that analysis.