Wednesday, October 04, 2006

"Titles are hard." --Marge Simpson

Even I now think there are too many people online overly critical of Brett Favre (though it's still a fair contrast against the TV apologism). But here's some analysis from From Dr. Z:

“If they don't get Brett Favre out of there pretty soon, he's going to get his receivers killed. His passes are putting them in terribly awkward, compromising positions. Monday night it was Donald Driver's turn. I didn't think he was going to make it through. It was what they used to say about tail-gunners in WWII. Sooner or later their number's gonna be up.”

For more on tail-gunners, read Randall Jarrell’s “The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner.”

I still don't get baseball.

The Twins clinched a playoff berth a while ago. On Sunday afternoon, when they won the division, they celebrated as if they had just won a championship. Less than 48 hours later they had lost a playoff game. Is there a correlation here?

I understand that 162 games is pretty monotonous and there needs to be a chance to unload and celebrate. But the Twins already knew they were going to the playoffs; what was that incredible celebration on Sunday about? There are teams that win a championship that don't celebrate that much; it's like they didn't care that in two days they would have to play another game.

I haven't heard any comment or complaint about this. Would the Vikings get a free pass if they celebrated this much a few days before a playoff game, then lost the playoff game?


  1. A few comments.

    1. The celebration was not because they made the playoffs, but because they ended up winning the division which was an achievement if you saw how much they were down at the all-star break.

    2. Losing 1 game in baseball isnt like losing 1 game in football in terms of playoffs. 1 loss in football and you are done, the Twins are still in the playoffs after their loss although losing when Santana is pitching might amount to them losing the series and then you can have this same discussion just with equal analogies.

  2. Anonymous3:58 PM

    And now they've lost home.

  3. I guess I just don't understand why Favre is there. His team is awful and by him being there he is stopping the progress of the Packers to become a better team. That happens by allowing Aaron Rogers to play now. Favre has earned his due and can play as long as he wants, I just wonder why he wants to play in Green Bay when they have no chance of being good. Don't you think a competitor like Brett Favre wants to play for a team tha has a chance? I wonder how Favre would like playing in Oakland. Him and Moss? Could that produce a winner? How about in Arizona?

  4. blue viking devil, that's my point. They celebrated like made for what was essentially a difference in playoff seeding. They partied like animals less than 48 hours before their first playoff game, even though they had already learned earlier they would be in the playoffs. Isn't that a little odd?

  5. Anonymous10:36 AM

    How do you know they partied like animals? You're assuming that after they left the dome they went out and just got tanked and stayed out until 4 in the morning. The celebration may not have gone on much past the dome, we don't know. They are professional athletes, and I'm sure the realize the importance of being prepared for the playoffs.

  6. The party at the dome was enough. It was a team of professional adults acting like giddy fratboys because they moved up in playoff seeding.

  7. Considering they made up the largest deficit in the modern era without needing a playoff game to win the division, I think that a celebration is perfectally acceptable. The Twins didn't just move up in the playoff seeding, they won something on Sunday.