Thursday, October 12, 2006

Adulthood and Responsibility

During a typically inane, meaningless fantasy football dispute, one member of our league referred to the violation of “the spirit of fantasy football.” I began referring to this spirit as an actual, conscious individual entity. Another person suggested that the spirit of fantasy football came from the shadow of the endzone, and now a mythology is born.

Needless to say, my fantasy team’s new nickname is “The Super All-Star Hero Man Experience Featuring the Spirit of Fantasy Football.”

Also, after writing this post, I started a google image search looking for a picture of a ghost or a spirit to supplement the text. I was about to post a picture of the freaky little girl from Ringu. I then considered that if I were to cut and paste a picture of the girl from Ringu (or The Ring, I don't suppose it would matter much either way) to my blog, she might actually come to torment and/or kill me. I decided I'd rather not take my chances.

The moral of these anecdotes is that I'm an adult, I teach college students, and I will soon have a child.

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